The Winds of Change are Blowing

The winds of change are blowing.  I am in the business of change, but i’m also sitting in the middle of some of the most change for myself in quite some time.  It’s a good thing I’m all about change.  I have to be, its my work and its how I got to where I am today.  I can’t believe the first month of the year has come and gone.  In this first month I had set some goals for the year, and my life at work is going to take a twist.
First let’s take stock of progress toward goals:
Goal 1 : Hit my Weight Watcher goal weight of 185 pounds by Jan 28,
Update : Hit the Goal on Jan 7th and was three weeks into maintenance by the 28th
Goal 2 : Achieve my Weight Watchers Status by March 11th
Update : on target for February 18th
Goal 3 : Reach target weight 179 pounds (currently at 185) by May 15
Update : on track
Goal 4 : Compete in Adventure Triathlon (sprint distance)
Update : scheduled for May 21
Goal 5 : ensure I am in the right job, on where I can continue to help others achieve the goals that are most important to them
Update : I start a new role February 6th in just such a position (see below)
Goal 6 : Inspire others on their Weight Loss Journey
Update : Right now this is mostly by sharing on my blog, on WW Connect site and participating in some meetups
Goal 7 : Take a multiday bike trip
Update : this is gaining momentum with a couple of people from work wanting to join in, this will likely be Aug/Sept time frame
Goal 8 : build a wooden kayak, one to keep at the house as my main boat stays up at the lake
Update : plans have been ordered and received, not much progress yet
So I am feeling good about the progress here in the first month of the year.  For me two major surprises already have been hitting my goal weight ahead of schedule, and being sought after for three different positions in the last three weeks.  I have decided to take on a new role, one where I will spend 50% of my time mentoring others on process improvement projects and 50% of my time with my own projects.  This means I’ll getting a new view, and I will miss my view into PNC Park, but change is good.
I am also giving some consideration to a more formal role in helping others in their weight loss journey, but I need to settle into my lifetime status and into my new role at work to be able to give it the proper consideration.  More to come.
So thank goodness for all the change, as it is directly related to all the other changes I have made over the past year, and from living in my new improved body and lifestyle.  I am anxiously awaiting spring time to carry on with my kayaking and biking adventures, and to enjoy all I have worked so hard to achieve.
Keep on #BOPIN – being on plan is non-negotiable and the results will take care of themselves

Shower Well!!

Shower well: As Clint Hurdle likes to say, “shower well” – forget about last night’s game, wash it off, today’s a new day. Got knocked down yesterday, but it’s time to get back up.



Guess what this works for us Weight Watchers too. I love this sentiment by Pittsburgh Pirates manager, because we have the same challenges he does. There is no way his team can win every game, it’s built in that way, there’s no way a batter will get a hit every time at bat, or even in every game. A pitcher won’t throw a strike every time, or make it through every inning without giving up a run. So he has to have a strategy to deal with this. His is to tell his team, the fans the media, that we can’t let happened yesterday negatively impact what happens today, we need to “shower well” and be ready for the next day.

There is absolutely an element of kindness combined with tough love in that approach. Can’t have one without the other and be successful. Think about your own journey, any chance every day is going to be perfect, or within points? Any chance you will never blow out your weeklies and go into the negative. Hell no! So you better have an approach to help yourself through this. How are going to “shower well”? Remember what happened yesterday doesn’t need to negatively impact what happens today. If you over ate, choose the wrong foods, didn’t get your steps in, it’s ok, don’t let it impact today. That’s the kindness you need to show yourself.

Now if you aren’t showering well, and one tough day leads to another, that’s where the tough love comes into play. Mr. Hurdle “gives players a day of two off” to refresh, regardless if it’s is best player or not. Has that tough conversation with them, I’m sure they strategize new things to try to improve performance. We can be really tough on ourselves, stress ourselves out over our journey, it’s okay to give ourselves a wakeup call, buckle down and track, exercise or whatever we need to be doing to get back on track. But always remember to shower well, it is a new day, a new opportunity to succeed, and we can only win the day in front of us.

Part of my strategy to stay on track or to rebound after a tough day or week is to reflect on my journey and think about what has worked for me, what has inspired me. So when asked to provide a #dailyjournalprompt I thought I would ask everyone to reflect on three of your most memorable #weightwatchermoments. I will share three here today, but I am also four weeks out from lifetime, so to keep myself focused and motivated I will share one a day until I hit lifetime in February. I was trying to put them in order, but frankly there are so many that it would be unfair, and slightly insane to try and prioritize. So here are the first three in no particular order:

  1. Jan 30, 2016 – Signed up for Weight Watchers, attended my first meeting, this was the first and hardest step of the journey. I always smile when someone asks me if any one part of my journey is hard or easy, fact is anyone on plan has already done the hardest part, you started.
  2. March 5th 2016, first bling 5%, 17 pounds lost, definitely felt like I was getting traction and in a bit of a rhythm on program.
  3. 46 weeks ago, my first post on Connect, I was in the Philadelphia airport and I took a picture of a rocking chair that I did not sit in. I walked the terminals waiting for my flight. Little did I know what the first post would lead to, I know follow 1000’s on connect and twice as many have been so kind as to follow my journey. I have to say scrolling back through 46 weeks of posts was a bit emotional, it gave me a glimpse of what many others have been seeing in me. So l will continue to post my most memorable moments over the next few weeks leading up to Feb 18th my target date for lifetime.

    Keep on #BOPIN (Being on plan is non-negotiable and the results will take care of themselves) my friends

Top 15 Tips and Tricks to Succeeding on Weight Watchers

I often get asked for how did you lose over 150 pounds in 49 weeks, my simple answer is Weight Watchers. But I know that’s not what they are really asking. Also the beauty, and some complexity, is in the flexibility of the Weight Watchers program. So listed below are my top 15 Tips and Tricks that worked for me. Please understand we are all different, our own science experiment and petri dish and we need to tweak and finds what works for us. I give you this list in hopes there’s something here to help you.


  1. Streak Blue dot days – from -3 to +7 of daily smart point total I tend to stay -3 to +3 and this also keeps me under my weeklies total too, for me how much I is the single most impactful thing to my weight loss. By stringing 5,6,7 in a row has really helped
  2. Use the tools available to me, my WW tracker on my phone – track before I eat to avoid point value surprises By tracking before I eat I ensure I don’t go outside my daily blue dot target and avoid high point surprises, and gives me the ability to modify my food choice, or contents, like no butter and no cheese on my Egg McMuffin to save 4 points.  Weigh and measure everything to get accurate smart point values, I cannot live without my scale and measuring cups and spoons.
  3. Drink my water, roughly I used ½ my weight in oz for a daily target. So at 185 pounds 90 oz My body needs water to process the food and keep me hydrated in exercise
  4. Exercise – Move more – Walking while recently I have run 5K’s and do high intensity walking, I started by simply walking around my neighborhood, 1 lap = ½ mile for me and I started at 20 mins per day. I find that I can not exercise out of bad food choices (see #1) but when I am streaking blue dot days exercise turbo charged the weight loss.
  5. Mental and visual queues There are certain quotes, sayings or mantras that can be great to fall back on when I’m feeling weak about staying on plan. My person mantra of BOPIN – being on plan is non-negotiable and the scale will take care of itself is my guiding principle. A couple of others that are impactful to me: “I haven’t come this far only to come this far” and “Starting strong is good, finishing strong is epic”. Find some that work for you, and post them in your house, work and play environments.
  6. Communicate what you are doing and know your support network This one is so awesome for me, but can be tricky for some. I let my team at work know about that I was doing Weight Watchers and shared my results regularly in team meetings, in fact my peers would ask for updates. I work for a company that values healthy lifestyle, and I have work peers that value in helping each other succeed in all aspects of work life balance, yes I am blessed here. Connect has been a game changer for me, such kindness and support, I get and I can give it fuels my heart and soul through this journey, same with my meeting. Have your “elevator speech” so you can easily explain your journey, as you succeed you will get lots of questions
  7. Repeat after me – “No Thank you”
    Being confident in saying those three words was critical to me. We all have the food pushers and drink pushers in our life that just need to understand we have goals!!!
  8. Reduce sugar intake I swear by this, and you have to watch processed food (and many low fat that use sugar to make it taste good) Your mileage may vary.
  9. Eat many times a day I eat at least 6 times a day, breakfast, morning snack one, morning snack 2, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Some snacks are zero point, crunchy raw veggies or fruit, I like low-fat greek yogurt with my fruit, protein shakes (2 point kind) or protein bars. Eating on this kind of schedule keeps me from getting overly hungry and helps keep the “hangries” under control
  10. Eat what I like Look if we are cutting down how much we eat, I’ll be danged if I am going to eat something I don’t care for, but I also experiment to find new point friendly foods, a couple of new things are Powdered peanut butter, PBFit (I do add a little salt and it makes all the difference) and I love love love Kodiak Cakes, high protein pancake/waffle mix. Chicken and Waffles are one of my favorites.
  11. Use high protein foods You may have picked up on this already from my snacks and what I like, this seems to help keep me full, I also like some carbs at lunch time, for me it keeps me going, so bread, pasta, rice work for me.
  12. Plan ahead – pack ahead I am most successful when my lunch box is really my all day box. I have what I am going to eat already packed (and maybe even tracked). This keeps me from having to make decisions on the fly which for me tend to not always be good ones. That said I have pre-planned options in case I didn’t pack, safe choices for me are Subway, anywhere there is a grilled chicken sandwich or salad I can get plain.
  13. No Cheese Please (thanks to my friend Mark @mgriff1965) I found I can live without some things that I never thought about before, take cheese for example. Cheese is the bonus factor that gets added to food to make the “delux” this or that. I can do without cheese and it takes out several points per entre, sandwich or salad. If you must have cheese, there are some nifty thin slice types that are real cheese but low points. What else can you live without? Mayo, oils, etc give it some thoughts
  14. Red Light Foods I really try to avoid these binge eating candidates, for me chicken wings, any chocolate, and nuts are some of my kryptonite. Those food if you start, you have a hard time stopping or portion controlling, Beer and Wine are really dangerous versions as they do impair our judgement on portion control of the beverage, but then my impact our will power of additional eating while drinking.
  15. Find ways to measure your success besides the scale (NSV non-scale victories) I wish I had taken more pictures and body measurements when I started as when the scale is not moving, it would have been helpful to see my success in shrinking measurements or side by side photos of in progress along my journey. I know you may not feel comfortable doing this now, but just do it, you’ll be glad you did later.Keep on BOPIN my friends – Being on plan is non-negotiable and the results will take care of themselves

It’s a matter of perspective, BOPIN 2017

Jan 1st 2017, and I jumped on the scale first thing, 194.0 pounds, yes I’m a daily weigher, but that’s a topic for another post another day. The real question this morning though is – 194.0 is that a good weight for me on Jan 1, 2017? I guess it’s a matter of perspective. I feel like the holiday eating season got the best of me, but that too may be a matter of perspective, and I need to reflect here on both of those thoughts. More importantly what I want to do this morning is set some goals for myself for 2017. It’s a new tradition for me to set goals on Jan 1, I used to do it on my birthday, in May, but I’m all about change and it’s time for some new traditions.

So is 194.0 pounds on Jan 1 2017 a good weight for me this morning? A matter of perspective I said… perspective #1, last week at week at my meeting I weighed in at 187.4 pounds and if only viewed through that lens it would seem like 194.0 pounds is a disaster, up 6.6 pounds in a week. I might “feel” really bad about 194.0 pounds this morning, I might “feel” the holiday season got the best of me.

But let me better define the holiday eating season, I would say from the week before Thanksgiving until Jan 1 is my traditional holiday eating season, where historically everyday was a feeding frenzy. I can honestly say that this time not every day was a feeding frenzy, more days I was on plan than off. Looking back at the week before Thanksgiving the scale said, 200.4 pounds. Before this year I could not imagine a holiday eating season where I would lose weight. Down 5.6 pounds during the holiday eating season. So why do I “feel” conflicted about this? Why do I feel it got the better of me? Because a week ago that total for the holiday season was down 12.6 pounds? Well if there is one thing I have learned on my journey is that the ability to bounce back after not being on track may be the single most important skill to be learned. So while I may “feel” the holiday season got the best of me, really I lost weight during the holidays and that my friends is a victory.

Moreover, a more telling perspective, number 2, is the year on year one. Jan 1 2016 I weighed at least 341 pounds. I say at least because, I have no clue what it was on Jan 1 2016, however on Jan 30th, 2016 I weighed exactly 341.0 pounds on the Weight Watcher Scale. So 341-194= 147 pounds less in almost a year. It is hard to grasp this change, this transformation. When I set out on this journey last January I had an idea that I’d like to lose 96 pounds. I can’ t even call it a goal at that point, it was more of a wish, that did turn into a goal as my journey progressed through the year, an annual goal that was crushed in July!!

So what does this all add up to? I should feel extremely good about having lost 147 pounds over the course over the past 48 weeks. I should feel awesome that in the past 48 weeks, I have lost weight 45 times and gained three, that is a winning percentage of 93.75%, I can love that. Could I have done better, perhaps, but way already way beyond my expectations and my wildest dreams.

Now what? It is time for goals! Goals for today, goals for this week, goals for this year. Strategic goals and tactical goals, but all SMART (specific, measureable, actionable, realistic and time bound)

Goal #1 – Reach goal weight 185 pounds – my target date is Jan 28,
my one year WW anniversary
(actions – eating in healthy range (-3 to +7 points daily, not to exceed weekly
points,  90K steps weekly/200+ Intensity minutes of exercise, 100oz water daily)

Goal #2 – Achieve WW lifetime – March 11th
                 (actions – follow actions above, with 6 extra points daily)

Goal #3 – Reach final target weight of 179 pounds by May 15th
anniversary of my birth
stay +/- 2 pounds of this weight monthly forever

Goal #4 – Complete in at least one Adventure Triathlon (2 mile Kayak, 14 mile bike, 5K run)
May 21st
(actions – build training plan by Jan 15th, execute training plan,
for Jan virtual Iron Man, 2 mile rowing, 112 miles biking (stationary  or live),
26 miles on foot, run walk)

Goal #5 – Ensure I am in the right job, one where I can continue to help others achieve
the goals that are most important to them. (This is annual goal that renews
each year, and a bit squishy on  measurement)

Goal #6 – My aspirational goal, and less defined one at this point:
“Inspire others on their weight loss journey, to turn ?’s to !’s”
more to come on this one, but I want to help as many as I can,
especially those who ask for help, and one particular one that already has.                    (actions – Role model, help others build skills, see the benefits,
and use reinforcing methods)  set up an larger Connecting event for others
to meet and share, ball game, or kayaking, biking event for others to try
these ways of exercising, expand on #BOPIN)

Goal #7 – Take a multiday Bike and/or Kayak trip –
all or part of the Pittsburgh to DC path is one option, but I have some other
potential ideas, (any others interested?)

Goal #8 – Build a wooden kayak – smaller easy to transport by July 4th


So I have lofty but attainable goals that now define me, the new and improved me. The scale is a measurement tool, it is there to provide feedback to help attain my goals, nothing more, and nothing less. I had an unbelievable year in 2016, but it was only the foundation for what is to come in 2017!! So that’s the plan and I intend to keep on #BOPIN – being on plan is non-negotiable and the scale will take care of itself to turn question marks into exclamation points!

Turning ?s’ into !’s

I’ve been lacking on my blog posts, holiday season, end of year at work and using my free time on exercise more than personal reflection. That said it is that time of year for reflection on the year past and for setting goals, for what is possible in the future, and for me the future is bright.

I received an email from my ala matter Michigan State with a link to a new TV commercial they will be running. ( It starts with “What makes a Spartan a Spartan, the relentless drive to turn question marks into exclamation points….” Wow that is powerful and I couldn’t sum up my year any better.

So what were my question marks, well I started with many such as:

Can I get healthy? Would Weight Watchers work for me? Could I really lose my target of 96 pounds of my 156 total I needed to lose to get to goal? Would I have to result to surgical means of weight loss? And later had many more question marks emerged as I made my way through the year.

Well it didn’t take long for the ?’s to start changing to !’s. I started on the plan Jan 30th and in my first 4 weeks on plan I lost 15 pounds and gained a ton of confidence, and by the end of March had lost 30. Yes WW was working. No way had I wanted any part of surgery, Yes I can get healthy. The total weight loss was still a question mark, and some new ones emerged, Can I keep on this plan? Can I start adding exercise? And that was the origin of #BOPIN – Being on plan is non-negotiable and the scale will take care of itself. Then a very impactful question mark was entered into my journey by my WW leader, “Where do you want to be by Labor Day?” six months away. The Answer was 100 pounds lost. I started walking, slowly and not far at first but is was helping make a difference and by my birthday in mid may I found myself at 280 pounds, 60 down from my starting weight. I worked my way up to being able to walk 4-5 miles on hilly courses and crushed the Labor Day ? into an ! by the end of July. Next question – can I run? Can I bike? Yes ran a 5K in September and December bam bam ?? -> !!, Bought a new cross fit bike and worked up to 15 and 20 mile rides ?? -> !!. One big question mark sits in front of me for the next two weeks, can I officially hit the 150 pound lost mark in 2016, well I was close last week, but our meeting was cancelled due to weather, this week I’m doing great but my body is slow to respond so we will see. So what lies ahead, more question marks to be turned into exclamation points. The questions have changed though, from can I? to when will I? and How can I? When will I hit my goal weight of 185 pounds?, when will I make lifetime? What will my finish time be on sprint distance adventure triathlon? How will I influence and inspire others on their journey? I can’t wait to crush ?s into !s in 2017. Happy Holidays everyone and Keep on #BOPIN – Being on plan is non-negotiable and the scale will take care of itself.

A Glorious Run

I had a glorious run this morning. Ya I can’t believe those words came out of me either.  It wasn’t that the distance was anything special, 2.5 miles, as per week 5 in the novice 5K training plan, which I have reset to after running my first 5K on Sunday.  The speed was a training pace, not setting any records. For the first time I felt like a runner, and the first time in 35 years, I felt like an athlete. So why this run was so glorious, let me explain.

It’s been a long road to be able to run a careful 2.5 miles, because you see on Jan 30th 2016 I walked into a Weight Watcher meeting, weighing 341 pounds and could not walk up a single flight of stairs without being winded.  I worked the program for 5 weeks losing 20 pounds, without any added exercise.  Then came the first day of walking, the goal was to last 20 minutes, two laps around my neighborhood, just about 1 mile.  I did it, sweated, I panted my legs where tired.  I walked 6-7 days a week for the next 6 months and steadfastly followed the program.  The weight came off, every week, by the end of July I had lost over 100 pounds.  The walking and healthy eating was doing wonders.  My walking was ever increasing, two miles, three miles per day, and even though the pace picked up, what started as a 20-30 minute daily investment as turning into 60, 70 minutes or more per day.

However, as the pounds melted off, the value the walking while still good, was diminished, as the effort for a 220 pound guy walking is way less that it was at 320 pounds. So came the decision, to try running.  It was hard, harder than when I started walking, even despite the abysmal shape I was in.  My walking for six months had truly set a great base to start running, I didn’t realize it, nor did I feel it at the time.

I had to change my venue, the neighborhood walk is awesome, it has some hills which truly aided my walking, but was an impediment to my starting running. Plus I needed some measureable short distances to work a plan for walk some, run some.  I moved to the high school track and found at 5am, there was sufficient security light and I had the track to myself.  So it began about 10 weeks ago.  Jog 200 meters, walk 200 meters, jog 200 meters, walk 200 meters.  I felt like my chest would explode, my legs felt heavy, my goodness what the hell am I doing.  But every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday me at the track, increasing the distance each week, jog 400 meters, walk 200 meters, jog 400 meters, walk 200 meters.  Then jog 800 meters, walk 200 meters, and so on.  To motivate myself on September 18th I decided that I needed to run in a 5K, there was one in my area on November 6th, 7 weeks away, signed up done deal.

Whaaaaat did I do, why did I sign up for that, how in the word am I going to run 3.1 miles in 7 weeks.. Saturday October 1st, I was in Grand Haven Michigan for a family wedding.  I woke up early to exercise, to do my walk run, but something inside clicked and I decided it was time to see just how far I could now run.  So I walked over to a strip mall parking lot and started running.  I made it just over 2 miles before I had to stop and walk that was the first I thought I think I can do this.

Well the how I was going to do this, was really not the complicated, I downloaded an eight week training plan that would take me from where I was to 5K in the seven weeks, now it was on me to execute the plan. I have learned I can execute a plan, I was already doing it, for my eating, the WW plan.  So religiously up every morning at 4:45am, down to the track, don’t think just do what the plan says.  1.75 miles, 2 miles, working up to 3 miles the last 3 weeks.  I was making progress, but was it enough ?

Suddenly it was November 1st, just a few days until the race, well who am I kidding, it’s not a race for me.  A race means trying to win, goodness no, I’m trying to survive, to make it without stopping, to actually finish.  Then my mind was flooded with logistical questions, what time do I need to be there, how cold was it going to be, what I should wear??? I emailed a very empathetic race director who patiently answered each of my emails, even after a brief scare that my registration wasn’t on file, but it was.

Race day, nervous, but need to eat – English muffin, some light peanut butter, water. Out the door with my extra warm clothes, but decided to run in shorts and long-sleeved pull over in the 45ish degree sunny weather.  I was 90 minutes early, registered, got my race number, 795.  Took me 20 minutes with nervous hands to pin it to my top.  Trip to the restroom,  start warming up, quick walk around part of the course, making sure I wouldn’t make a wrong turn, restroom again, stretching, rest room again, some people are nervous eaters I am a nervous pee-er.  8:45 time to move to the starting line, 9:00 waiting, seems like forever, let’s get this thing started.  9:05 the race director makes some nice comments, and some thank you’s.  Color guard of two brings out the flags, the national anthem is sung, I’m feeling emotional now, it’s been a long time since I have been the athlete as the anthem is sung.  The starter explains the start and the finish with the electronic timers that will be triggered from the chip affixed to the back of my number.  Next runners set, bang….


To be honest I don’t have great recollection of what happened during the race, I took off way faster than I intended, but I needed to get clear of the walker, strollers and the dogs in tow. After the first half mile I settled into a pace, but it was a quick pace, but I was interesting was no one was passing me, and I was keeping up with those in front of me.  Around the park, around the high school, mile one done, up the road to the football field and middle school, down hill first, then up the big hill to the stadium, I almost made it running up the hill, but the initial fast pace caught up to me, I had to walk for about 100 yards, still, in the middle of the pack, still no one passing.  Start running again, around the middle school back down the road, down the big hill, back up the second hill, 50 yard walk, ughhh, wanted to run the whole way, pushed the negative thoughts out, running again, I can see the finish, but first back behind the ball fields and back, just a bit more to go, up around the corner and strong the finish line.  Just like that it was done, over, I was winded, someone handed me a bottle of water, and I made my way to the restroom, (nervous pee-er you know).  I was a little disappointed that I had to stop twice, but I really hadn’t prepared for the hills, but I did finish! I went back to the course and started to cheer on those that were still running and walking.  Not long after the results were posted, I finished just about dead middle of the pack, 60th out of 125 runners/walkers/stroller pushers and dog walkers.  My time 27:06.79 my fasted time even faster than on the track with no hills, and no stopping.  I did good. I stuck around for some of the post-race festivities, and was proud that service members will get holiday care packages with the money raised.


So back to my run this morning, after taking Monday as a rest day, it was now Tuesday, without a plan and scared to slip back into old non-exercising habits I had a choice to make when the alarm went off at 4:45. Yes must get up, must go run. But how far, how long, my legs are still sore from Sunday, can I do it?  Well I decided to target one more 5k in 4 weeks, so back to my novice 5K plan, pick up at week 5, which says Tuesday run 2.5 miles.  Get to the track, headphones on, walk one lap warm up.  Deep breathe, slow jog, training pace go.  First lap I little tight, second lap all is good, breathing is good, legs are good, lap 3, 4 one mile in feeling like a runner, laps 5,6,7,8 two miles done, feeling strong, 9, 10 should I keep going, no don’t think, follow the plan, one lap cool down walk.  Yes back on plan, back on track.  A Glorious run.


Feeling Squirrely

Been feeling a little “squirrely” lately,



  1. Relating to or resembling a squirrel
  2. Restless, nervous, or unpredictable

Ya definition number 2. Working on my weight loss and being on plan for the past 36 weeks I’ve been behaving a bit on autopilot, without a master plan. I know this feeling and it means it’s time to regroup a bit and lay out the landscape.

Good news is that I have developed some good habits, tracking my food, getting my exercise, but it’s hard to feel in control without that master plan.  I’ve got my daily and weekly smart points and I’m doing ok there, and working towards my 5K, and my 175 weekly smart points, but I feel like I’m missing the big picture, the overall strategy, and associated goals and targets.  Along with that I haven’t stopped to take stock of what’s been accomplished so far this year, and what else do I want to accomplish before the end of the year.  I guess it’s time for the 3rd quarter review of performance and setting the plan for the rest of 2016 and begin the planning process for 2017.

Starting with the scale, when I started Weight Watchers on Jan 30th 2016 I set the goal of 8 pounds per month for 2016, that meant a target of 96 pounds for the year, and starting at the end of January it meant I had a month to make up along the way.

SW Jan 30 : 341 pounds

1st Qtr : Target 317 – Actual 310.4 March 30th – Down 30.6

2nd Qtr : Target 293 – Actual 259 June 30th – Down 82

3rd Qtr : Target 269 – Actual 225.8 Sept 30th – Down 115.2

YTD : 212 pounds – down 129 pounds

Year End Target 199.8 (or target as set with Dr. on Nov 15th)


Starting BMI on Jan 30th : 48.9

Current BMI on Oct 15th : 30.4

Pants Waist Size :

Jan 30th 50”+ (hard to tell with the elastic type waist band pants

Oct 15th : 36”

So awesome progress at the scale and BMI is on the verge of coming out of Obesity range, already past the 96 pound annual goal by 33 pounds. Waist size down by at least 14” (omg that’s a lot)

So here’s where squirrely sets in, now what ?… What’s the goal for the rest of the year, what’s the plan for my Weight Watcher goal weight?… At my last check in with my doctor on Aug 15, the direction was you are doing great, keep going. So my next appoint is Nov 15th, and I’m ready to have that conversation as to the weigh I will be healthy at and able and comfortable maintain.

So time for a 4th quarter plan

  1. Set goal weight, until then keep working plan looking for .5 to 2 pound loss per week
  2. Run 5K on Nov 6th – this includes the training plan for the next 3 weeks, 3 days running, 3 days supporting activities and one day of rest per week.
  3. Set up plan for 2017
    1. Set and achieve goal weight is not achieved by end of 2016
    2. Maintain goal weight once achieved
    3. Complete in 1 to 3 Adventure Triathlons (Kayak, Bike, Run)
    4. Run a 5K with some Connect Friends
    5. Complete the Pittsburgh to Washington DC bike ride (7 – 10 day trip)
  4. Remain BOPIN – Being on Plan is Non-Negotiable and the scale will take care of itself